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A Story of Commitment, Community, Integrity

The British American Insurance Company Limited story in the Caribbean is one of Commitment, Community, and Integrity. For over 86 years, British American Insurance Company Limited has embodied the hope and dreams of the Caribbean people. We have epitomized their commitment to traditional Caribbean values, while embracing the culture of hard work, innovation and creativity that has shaped the 21st century Caribbean.

The Caribbean is a unique and exciting region. Scores of tiny islands, virtually sparkling in the Caribbean Sea. This region, home to a multiplicity of races, languages and dialects are evidence of an interesting and colourful colonial past which prognosticate of an exciting future.

We at British American Insurance Company Limited truly understand the role that history plays in the shaping of the economic structure of the region. The Caribbean of the 15th century was a place European Conquistadors battled over, and the Caribbean of the nineties was a place tourists flocked to, it is already evident that the Caribbean of the 21st century will be a place where investors and entrepreneurs will (also) gravitate.

The Caribbean as a region is developing rapidly, from traditional tourism to sports and eco-tourism; from petro-chemical manufacturing to natural gas exploration; from agriculture to food processing - this region has propelled into the next millennium.

The cornerstone of Caribbean growth and development has been solid democracies and strong and trusted financial institutions. For forty-five years, we at British American Insurance Company Limited have not been simply bystanders in the Caribbean story, but participants, in the shaping of a proud past, and the shaping of a promising future.

From the strong tradition of colonialism, to the struggles for home rule, to the pride of independence, British American Insurance Company Limited has been part of the Caribbean Story Book. From the devastation of hurricanes and volcanoes, to the pride and excitement of rebuilding village by village, British American has been a product, service and technology pioneer in the financial services industry in the region.

British American Insurance Company Limited not only introduced insurance and financial services to several Caribbean islands, but pioneered in the region of the Home-Service market. This accounts for the “generational” commitment of hundreds of Caribbean families to British American Insurance Company Limited.

By 1961, British American Insurance Company Limited was operating in over 200 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, along with business interest in the Far East, Africa, the Indian Ocean and Europe. By 1970's British American was truly a global entity.

Even though global in out-look and operation, like our Caribbean roots, we have remained committed to our tradition; a “Commitment to Community”. Our agents still make house calls, often sitting with three generations of policy holders.

British American, while playing a pioneering role in ensuring our communities are strong financially, have also lent to the social landscaping of the region, contributing significant resources to the sporting and cultural development of the region.

In May 1998, British American Insurance Company Limited became a member of the powerful CL Financial Group, which boasts an asset base of over US$ 2 billion dollars.